Work Injuries

Back injuries are the most common of all job-related injuries. Work injuries can result from falls and lifting or moving heavy objects. Upper back injuries often affect the arms and shoulders creating muscle soreness and pain. Injury to the lower back may affect the use of the legs, creating extreme pain and disability.

Every employer in the state of Louisiana has to provide coverage for workers to be compensated fairly and appropriately for work injuries. If you were hurt or have suffered a work injury, we can help guide you through the paperwork while helping you heal from your injuries. The workers compensation laws’ are designed to get you the best care available. That care can best be provided by a doctor experienced in work-related injuries. You should choose a doctor who knows how to document your injuries and who knows how to work with your employer and workers’ compensation insurance company to get you everything you are entitled to receive.

The workers compensation laws’ can seem complex and seemingly overwhelming. However, Dr. Paul Gordon and his staff at Integra Healthcare are well versed in workers’ compensation medical treatment. Dr. Gordon will work closely with your employer and/or attorney to develop a return-to-work plan that is appropriate for your injury.

If you have been injured at work and need to see a doctor, then the doctors at Integra Healthcare are available to provide you with your best chance at healing.

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