• How Chiropractic Helps Infantile Colic

    If you have ever cared for an infant with colic, you know how frustrating and helpless it can make you feel. It is so hard to see a little one in such obvious discomfort and you can’t help them no matter what you do. When you have a baby who experiences frequent colic it canRead more

  • Why Chiropractic Adjustments Are Better Than Muscle Relaxants

    Nearly everyone, more than 80 percent of the world’s population, will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Just ask the 31 million Americans suffering from low back pain at any given time. In fact, globally it is the leading cause of disability. It is the most common reason that people miss workRead more

  • How Low Speed Rear-end Accidents Can Cause Whiplash

    You are sitting in your car, stopped at a traffic light. Suddenly, a vehicle rear ends your car. The impact isn’t hard although it is unexpected. You take a look at your car and see that there is minor damage, or no damage at all, to either vehicle. The bumpers absorbed the bulk of theRead more

  • 3 Stretches Every Chiropractic Patient Will Appreciate

    3 Stretches Every Chiropractic Patient Will Appreciate

    Chiropractic is a very effective treatment for back pain, but what many patients don’t realize is that there are things they can do to make it even better. By employing simple stretches, a chiropractic patient can improve his or her range of motion and increase flexibility. These are some great stretches that you can doRead more