• Starve a Cold and Feed a Fever?

    Most of us have probably heard the old adage “starve a cold and feed a fever”. But does this saying hold up in the face of scientific research? The short answer is “no.” The best thing you can likely do is feed both. We would all like to believe that there’s an easy way toRead more

  • Better Workouts in Less Time

    These days, almost everyone is pressed for time. This means squeezing a workout into your day is typically not easy to do. But what if you could have better workouts in less time? Learn how to accomplish this with the following exercise tips: Exercise both your upper and lower body at the same time. This allowsRead more

  • How Do Chiropractors Know If Your Spine is Out of Alignment?

    A misaligned spine (also known as spinal subluxation) can negatively affect your daily life in a number of ways. It not only causes neck and back pain, but can also cause pain in the rest of the body. This pain is typically due to the misaligned vertebrae adding pressure to nerves in the spinal column. ForRead more

  • Health Risks for Frequent Flyers

    In the early days of commercial flights, flying was a costly, exclusive and elegant form of travel. Passengers dressed in their best clothes, as flight attendants treated them like celebrities. Most frequent flyers, however, would tell you that those days are long gone. Even as air transportation has become far less expensive and more widelyRead more