• How Do Chiropractors Measure Pain?

    Measuring a patient’s pain is an essential part of the chiropractic assessment prior to treatment. However, unlike objective measures such as the degree of spinal curvature or the range of joint movement, the amount of pain cannot be determined directly. Instead, doctors infer pain level from the patient or from associated signs. Together, patient self-reportingRead more

  • Sprains, Strains, and Their Levels of Severity

    Although mild injuries to muscles and tendons can be quickly cured, severe sprains and strains may take longer to heal. Like any personal injury, both have the potential to cause a great deal of pain and bodily damage. Of course, the amount of pain and damage depends on the level of severity. So what areRead more

  • The Benefits of Calcium

    Most people already understand the importance of calcium in maintaining strong bones and teeth. In fact, our bones store 99 percent of the body’s calcium. However, did you know the remaining one percent is located in our blood and cells? This means calcium not only gives us strength, but also a wide range of healthRead more

  • How Well Does Chiropractic Care Relieve Back and Neck Pain?

    If you are seeking treatment for neck or back pain, consider speaking to a chiropractor. With an increasing number of studies that confirm this treatment option’s effectiveness, you may be surprised by the benefits. So exactly how well does chiropractic care relieve back and neck pain? Let’s take a closer look. According to a 2011¬†ConsumerRead more