• Anatomy of the Core Muscles

    In order to make the most of each workout and avoid a serious injury, it’s vital to understand the anatomy of the core muscles. Basically, “core muscles” are those responsible for giving us strength and stability when we bend or twist. They can be broken down into seven different sets: the rectus abdomens, external obliques,Read more

  • How Coffee Affects Your Health

    Throughout the past few years, the medical community has discussed the diverse effects of coffee on our health. Although many advise us to avoid this form of caffeine, others argue that coffee is actually beneficial to our bodies. So what is the latest news? Is coffee good or bad for your health? The answer, in short,Read more

  • What Can I Do to Make My Chiropractic Treatments Even More Effective?

    A regular visit to your chiropractor is one of the best things you can do to eliminate chronic back and neck pain. It is also the best strategy to maintain flexibility and range of motion. No matter the reason for your visit, your chiropractor will design a treatment plan for your particular needs. More specifically,Read more

  • Regaining Spinal Stability after an Accident

    Spinal cord injuries can lead to several complications in the human body, even partial to complete paralysis. In fact, some of its disabling conditions include muscular atrophy, chronic pain, infertility, inability to control the bladder and even paralysis of limbs. So what causes a spinal cord injury? Causes specifically include penetrating injuries due to mechanicalRead more