Personal Injury

For many reasons, those involved in any type of personal injury accident should consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible for an assessment, even if they feel uninjured.

If you have been in an accident, you need to be examined by a doctor even if you do not think you are injured. Often times, personal injury victims will not experience symptoms until days or weeks after an accident or traumatic injury.

Don’t have an attorney? No problem. Dr. Paul Gordon, DC and his staff can still provide medical, chiropractic, and rehabilitative care with no upfront costs to you. We have worked with claims adjusters, insurance companies, and attorneys for over 16 years. Our staff can help manage the insurance paperwork to help you get the treatment you deserve.

Have an attorney? We will be happy to work with your attorney from start to finish. Dr. Paul J. Gordon, DC has developed an encrypted and HIPPA-compliant electronic medical records system that allows him to submit all of your medical records, bills and treatment plans to your attorney with the click of a button.

Simply stated, we get results. Dr. Gordon has assembled an experienced and highly- qualified team of medical professionals who work together to give patients the best chance at healing. Our medical doctors, chiropractors, and ELDOA-certified rehab coaches combine their experience to provide patients with a wide range of treatment options, including pain management, chiropractic care, active therapies, and passive therapies.

Our expertly-trained administrative staff handles all of the insurance paperwork, medical reports and billing so that patients can focus on recovery, getting stronger, and getting better.

Whether you have an attorney handling your personal injury claim or you are handling it yourself, the doctors and staff at Dr. Paul J. Gordon, DC, LLC and Integra Healthcare can provide the care you need to recover from your injuries and to reach optimal health.

Immediately following any accident, many seemingly minor but significant injuries that need treatment may not be apparent. High adrenaline levels that occur after an accident can mask many symptoms and pain. It is the body’s natural defense mechanism that helps us get through emergencies, even if we are injured. After the body has calmed and is rested, aches and pains often reveal themselves and inflammation around sore spots can indicate injuries that we’re not apparent just hours before. To be on the safe side, consulting with a doctor can ensure the diagnosis of injuries that might not be apparent, such as internal bruising or bleeding or a concussion.

Settling your case with an insurance company too quickly can be a big mistake for you and very costly to your health. Sadly, we have seen many instances where accident victims are uncompensated for injuries. In one case, an expectant mother settled with an insurance company two weeks after her accident, thinking she was involved in a minor fender-bender. A week later, she suffered miscarriages of her twins because of untreated trauma sustained during the accident. While we were able to help her with her delayed onset of pain, there was nothing we could do to help her get compensated with the insurance company because she had already settled and waived her rights.


In another instance, a Mom came into the clinic to be treated for injuries, but stated her minor child reported no problems. The Mom settled with the insurance company. A few weeks later, the Mom brought her child into the office with neck complaints. It was determined that the child, who was under 10 years of age, suffered a cervical herniation in the accident. Again, the insurance claims were already settled and all rights were waived. We worked with the young patient to help heal the injuries; however, the Mom received no insurance compensation for the severity of the child’s injuries.

The old adage, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” always applies when a person has been injured in any type of accident. Seeking even precautionary medical treatment after an accident is the best decision you can make for your health.

At Integra Healthcare, we have worked for over 15 years with attorneys, claims adjusters, and insurance companies on behalf of our injured patients. Our competent and experience doctors will provide you with your best chance at healing, while our expertly trained administrative staff will handle your insurance forms and medical reports/billing. Your only focus once you become our patient is on healing, getting better, and getting stronger.

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