Workers’ Compensation

It is crucial for employees to seek proper treatment for their injuries.

Louisiana Revised Statute 23:1121 addresses the issue of medical treatment for employees approved for workers’ compensation. As detailed in the edict, it is crucial for employees to seek proper treatment for their injuries. In addition, it’s important to find a doctor who will work with you and your employer throughout the recovery process. Of course, each workers’ compensation claim is different, so our team addresses each case accordingly.

Workers’ compensation claims require medical providers to offer “evidence-based medical treatment”. This means applying the best standards of care and practices for the injured worker. As a result, our doctors will follow complex guidelines that provide scientifically proven details on which treatments are effective for certain injuries.

Although you may find workers’ compensation laws overwhelming, Dr. Paul Gordon and his Northshore team are well versed in this type of treatment. We understand that it’s vital to work closely with your employer and/or attorney to develop the best return-to-work plan for the worker’s needs. Our plans will therefore account for reduced work hours, special equipment, changes in work conditions, and different assignments. We also believe that staying active, when possible, during your treatment can increase your chances of recovering fully.

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